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The Original Purple Quiz

The Original Purple QuizIt’s Original and it’s Purple! (erm… and it’s a quiz.)

The OPQ (original purple quiz) is made up of 40 questions, divided into eight subject rounds with five questions in each, plus a picture round.

It’s supplied with twenty two-part NCR (no carbon required) answer sheets, so teams can hand in one copy before marking their own answers. If you only need ten answer sheets instead of twenty, and you want to help save wastage, just let us know and we’ll send you the exact number you need. There is also the option of having plain paper answer sheets instead of NCR, so that teams can swap sheets for marking. If you would prefer this, please make a note on your order form.

The Original Purple Quiz - Pub Quiz
The Original Purple Quiz - Pub Quiz

or Contact us with your questions.

Sample OPQ questions:

Sporting Quotations (click on the question to reveal the answer)

1.    Which cricketer completes this supposed comment by Brian Johnston, at the Oval in 1976; “The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s…” ?

2.    Who did John McEnroe say he had been talking to when, at Wimbledon in 1981, he shouted; “You are a disgrace to mankind” ?

3.    In 1995, who described the committee of the Rugby Football Union as “57 old farts” ?

4.    According to Homer Simpson’s wise words to his son, “When you participate in sporting events, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s…” what?

5.    Who was Gordon Strachan talking about, when he said; “If a Frenchman goes on about seagulls, trawlers and sardines, he’s called a philosopher. I’d just be called a short Scottish bum talking crap.” ?