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Show Me The Honey

How about a quiz that every team has a chance of winning, even if they’ve only answered five or six questions correctly?

The Honey Quiz has 30 wide-ranging questions and, like the Take Five Quiz, the answers are read out in a random order. The winning team is the one that completes a circle of six correct answers in the honeycomb. In the middle there’s even a ‘Free Bee,’ which might be of some use. Sweet.

The quiz is supplied with twenty two-part NCR (no carbon required) answer sheets, so teams can hand in one copy before marking their own answers. If you only need ten answer sheets instead of twenty, and you want to help save wastage, just let us know and we’ll send you the exact number you need. Like the Take Five Quiz, this is one where the teams need to mark their own answers, so there is no option to have plain answer sheets instead of NCR.

Have you thought about including a picture round ?

Show Me The Honey - Purple Quiz Pub Quiz
Show Me The Honey - Purple Quiz Pub Quiz

or Contact Us with your questions.

Sample Honey questions: (click on the question to reveal the answer)

1.    What is the first name of the EastEnders character played by actress Emma Barton, who joined the programme in November 2005?

2.    What large collection of animals is the most famous creation of writer Dodie Smith?

3.    Which singer’s name can be rearranged to give; ‘I’M A JERK BUT LISTEN’ ?

4.    What is the British equivalent of the final destination that the Americans refer to as the ‘glue factory’?

5.    What sporting target is made up from five pieces, to give a target 28 inches high and 9 inches wide?