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We have a personal confession to make.

We’re not all that interested in sport.

Not a very manly thing to admit to  – it’s a bit like having no clue how to tighten a fan belt, or not liking the taste of beer very much.

So why are we telling you this? The point is, we get very bored when we go to a pub quiz and, out of the 40 or so question they ask, ten of them are about sport. (In one, eight of the ten Sports questions were about football, and then the first question in the ‘Entertainment’ round was “What football team do Phil and Grant Mitchell support?” !)

That’s why we try to make our quizzes a bit more varied and interesting. Where they’re divided up into subjects, you won’t find more than four or five questions per round, covering as many subjects as we can think of. So hopefully, there will be something for everyone – not just the people that know who won every FA Cup since the war, or who can list all the capital cities in Europe.

Don’t get us wrong, though – we wouldn’t dream of supplying a quiz with no sports questions at all. So we might ask who scored the winning goal in the 2010 World Cup final. We just won’t really care who won.

All our quizzes are supplied on NCR (no carbon required) paper, so once they’re filled in, you can collect one of the copies and ask each team to mark their own answers.

So here they are. Please click on the logos to find out a bit more about each one.

And Contact Us with your queries about how Purple Quiz can help make your quiz night a memorable one.