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A Few Words About Us

For the past eight years, we’ve been supplying all sorts of quiz stuff for TV programmes, trivia machines, pubs and local events. We have a total commitment to hunting down and distributing frankly useless facts for the sake of entertainment – silly or serious, easy or difficult, if there’s a quiz question out there, we’re sure to find it.

Imagine how nice it would be to overhear your punters saying;

“My word, what a superbly written, great looking quiz. I will definitely come here more often.”


“I never realised that taking part in a quiz could be such a rewarding experience – it’s educational, amusing and sociable, all at the same time.”


“This quiz is so good, I can hardly stand it.”

When you order from PurpleQuiz, you’ll receive a reliable supply of high quality, beautifully designed quizzes, all mailed out in plenty of time for your event.

In fact, we – Hang on a minute. MAILED OUT? In this age of emailing and file-sharing and downloading, we MAIL STUFF OUT?

That’s right. We print out all the questions, answers, picture rounds and answer sheets, put it all in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and trust the whole lot to the Royal Mail. And if that seems a bit old fashioned, that’s because we are. We know that there are hundreds of other websites out there offering free questions, or an entire quiz for £2. But even if you can trust the questions to be any good (and we’ve seen some really crappy ones), you’ll still have to print out everything yourself, if you happen to have enough time, ink and paper. Wouldn’t it be easier to know that everything will arrive all sorted out for you, in good time for your quiz?

As for invoicing, we’d much rather spend all our time writing the quizzes really, but the accounting stuff is sadly necessary. If you’re having a regular weekly quiz, we’ll send an invoice every four weeks; for one-off events, we ask that you send payment at the time of ordering.

Well then. We hope you like the look of what you see, so to place an order, or to ask about anything else we haven’t covered here, please feel free to contact us.